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pickled slit-coil 2nd choice 190 mt
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Description of goods Steel standards From: France  
ThicknessWidthLengthWeight (mt)ProductProductQualityComments
vaX370029 1.1579.001.403 cold rolled slit-coilE420RC
vaX370015 1.5093.001.541 hot rolled slit-coilA34ST
vaX369997 2.0081.001.035 hot rolled slit-coilE24NO
vaX370028 2.00111.002.030 hot rolled slit-coilE24NO
vaX369973 2.25102.001.848 hot rolled slit-coilS390MC
vaX369974 2.25102.001.264 hot rolled slit-coil23M6
vaX369975 2.25102.001.264 hot rolled slit-coil23M6
vaX370023 2.35217.003.830 hot rolled slit-coilS340NC
vaX369985 2.40111.001.987 hot rolled slit-coilDP60
vaX369993 2.4593.001.599 hot rolled slit-coilE26ST
vaX370008 2.4582.001.393 hot rolled slit-coilE26ST
vaX370035 2.4591.501.540 hot rolled slit-coilE26ST
vaX369963 2.5073.001.305 hot rolled slit-coilS355MC
vaX369992 2.5083.000.781 hot rolled slit-coilS355MC
vaX370002 2.5088.001.521 hot rolled slit-coil22MB5
vaX370033 2.55102.001.749 hot rolled slit-coilE36ST
vaX369971 2.68328.004.691 hot rolled slit-coil22MB5
vaX369972 2.68328.004.691 hot rolled slit-coil22MB5
vaX370001 2.7077.001.386 hot rolled slit-coil26M5
vaX370006 2.7072.001.306 hot rolled slit-coil26M5
vaX370019 2.70120.001.670 hot rolled slit-coilE24NO
vaX370020 2.70110.001.888 hot rolled slit-coilE24NO
vaX370004 2.75312.005.088 hot rolled slit-coilBTT510
vaX370009 2.75312.005.531 hot rolled slit-coilBTT510
vaX370010 2.75312.005.531 hot rolled slit-coilBTT510
vaX370011 2.75312.005.485 hot rolled slit-coilBTT510
vaX370012 2.75312.005.485 hot rolled slit-coilBTT510
vaX370022 2.75170.002.528 pickled slit-coilE24NO
vaX369983 2.80359.003.340 hot rolled slit-coilS550MC
vaX369970 2.8567.001.186 hot rolled slit-coilE36ST
vaX369964 2.9092.001.606 hot rolled slit-coil26M5
vaX369976 2.9067.001.264 hot rolled slit-coil23M6
vaX369977 2.9067.001.264 hot rolled slit-coil23M6
vaX369984 2.9092.001.603 hot rolled slit-coil23M6
vaX369986 2.9067.001.215 hot rolled slit-coil26M5
vaX369987 2.9067.001.215 hot rolled slit-coil26M5
vaX369988 2.9067.001.241 hot rolled slit-coil26M5
vaX369989 2.9067.001.241 hot rolled slit-coil26M5
vaX369990 2.9067.001.121 hot rolled slit-coil26M5
vaX369991 2.9067.001.215 hot rolled slit-coil26M5
vaX369994 2.90169.002.846 pickled slit-coilE36ST/S355JR
vaX369995 2.9078.001.422 hot rolled slit-coil23M6
vaX369998 2.9089.001.590 hot rolled slit-coil23M6
vaX370017 2.95311.005.623 hot rolled slit-coilBTT510
vaX370018 2.95311.005.623 hot rolled slit-coilBTT510
vaX370021 2.95311.005.622 hot rolled slit-coilBTT510
vaX370024 2.95311.005.506 hot rolled slit-coilBTT510
vaX370025 2.95311.005.523 hot rolled slit-coilBTT510
vaX370026 2.95311.005.488 hot rolled slit-coilBTT510
vaX370030 2.95311.005.553 hot rolled slit-coilBTT510
vaX370031 2.95311.005.714 hot rolled slit-coilBTT510
vaX370034 2.95311.004.502 hot rolled slit-coilBTT510 = "HR60 (Usiform 600)"
vaX369979 3.1071.001.147 hot rolled slit-coil26M5
vaX369980 3.1071.001.143 hot rolled slit-coil26M5
vaX369981 3.1071.001.143 hot rolled slit-coil26M5
vaX369982 3.1071.001.144 hot rolled slit-coil26M5
vaX370016 3.1060.001.087 hot rolled slit-coilA34ST
vaX369966 3.15106.001.813 hot rolled slit-coilS700MC
vaX370005 3.3068.001.151 hot rolled slit-coil26M5
vaX369978 3.40105.001.817 hot rolled slit-coilA34ST
vaX370013 3.86214.003.437 pickled slit-coilE36ST/S355JR
vaX370014 3.86214.003.437 pickled slit-coilE36ST/S355JR
vaX370032 3.86176.003.250 pickled slit-coilE36ST/S355JR
vaX370036 3.9078.001.302 hot rolled slit-coilE24NO
vaX369967 4.40113.001.928 hot rolled slit-coilE26ST
vaX369968 4.40113.001.928 hot rolled slit-coilE26ST
vaX369969 4.40113.001.928 hot rolled slit-coilE26ST
vaX369996 4.40213.003.709 hot rolled slit-coilE36ST
vaX370000 4.4073.000.911 hot rolled slit-coil34MB5
vaX369965 4.49291.003.925 hot rolled slit-coilS700MC
vaX370003 4.85154.002.842 hot rolled slit-coilE24NO
vaX370007 4.8583.001.449 hot rolled slit-coilE24NO

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