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MP METAL SAS offer material below. The material is available subject unsold and subject final confirmation.
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Product Choice Quantity
pickled slit-coil 2nd choice 40 mt
hot-dip galvanized slit-coil 2nd choice 11 mt
cold rolled slit-coil 2nd choice 4 mt
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Description of goods Steel standards From: France  
ThicknessWidthLengthWeight (mt)ProductProductQualityComments
vaX370075 0.25550.000.310 aluminized slit-coilDX53D+AS DX53D+AS 120G/m² H
vaX370076 0.25550.000.310 aluminized slit-coilDX53D+AS DX53D+AS 120G/m² H
vaX370077 0.5069.000.790 cold rolled slit-coilM800-50A BOURGEOIS M800-50A V
vaX370078 0.6570.000.610 cold rolled slit-coilHC300LA HSLA280 V
vaX370079 0.6588.000.360 hot-dip galvanized slit-coilXCG ARCELOR01+Z 10/10 microns V
vaX370084 0.95266.001.630 cold rolled slit-coilXE ARCELOR03 V
vaX370099 1.1070.000.420 cold rolled slit-coilHC300LA Travers HSLA280 V
vaX370103 1.1946.000.420 cold rolled slit-coilXES ARCELOR04 V
vaX370107 1.2020.000.768 hot-dip galvanized slit-coilDX53D+Z DX53D+Z 275G/m² V
vaX370110 1.4540.000.410 cold rolled slit-coilE28 HSLA280 V
vaX370111 1.45510.000.940 hot-dip galvanized slit-coil34G HSLA320 10/10 microns H
vaX370112 1.45510.000.940 hot-dip galvanized slit-coil34G HSLA320 10/10 microns H
vaX370125 1.73270.001.350 hot-dip galvanized slit-coil28G HSLA280 10/10 microns V
vaX370127 1.7662.000.590 hot-dip galvanized slit-coil28G HSLA280 10/10 microns V
vaX370129 1.90117.001.100 hot-dip galvanized slit-coilGHE280M HSLA280HR 10/10 microns V
vaX370130 1.90117.001.080 hot-dip galvanized slit-coilGHE280M HSLA280HR 10/10 microns V
vaX370131 1.9535.000.210 hot-dip galvanized slit-coil28G HSLA280 10/10 microns V
vaX370144 2.00178.001.210 hot-dip galvanized slit-coilD4G DP450 10/10 microns V
vaX370150 2.5046.000.420 pickled slit-coil3C DD14 V
vaX370151 2.5096.000.890 hot-dip galvanized slit-coilR4G FB450HR 10/10 microns V
vaX370166 3.5057.000.440 hot-dip galvanized slit-coilB6G FB560HR+Z 10/10 microns V
vaX370170 6.00170.002.770 pickled slit-coil3C DD14 V
vaX370171 6.00170.002.780 pickled slit-coil3C DD14 V
vaX370172 6.00170.002.800 pickled slit-coil3C DD14 V
vaX370173 6.00170.002.800 pickled slit-coil3C DD14 V
vaX370174 6.00170.002.790 pickled slit-coil3C DD14 V
vaX370175 6.00170.002.780 pickled slit-coil3C DD14 V
vaX370176 6.1595.001.590 pickled slit-coil86151 ST53-3 V
vaX370177 6.1595.004.930 pickled slit-coil86151 ST53-3 V

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