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MP METAL SAS offer material below. The material is available subject unsold and subject final confirmation.
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Product Choice Quantity
hot-dip galvanized slit-coil 2nd choice 38 mt
pickled slit-coil 2nd choice 34 mt
cold rolled slit-coil 2nd choice 21 mt
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Description of goods Steel standards From: France  
ThicknessWidthLengthWeight (mt)ProductProductQualityComments
vaX370081 0.85100.000.946 hot-dip galvanized slit-coilD7G DP780 10/10 microns V
vaX370082 0.90110.001.018 hot-dip galvanized slit-coilD7G DP780 10/10 microns V
vaX370086 1.0050.000.450 cold rolled slit-coilSPC440-DU DP450 V
vaX370102 1.1980.000.754 cold rolled slit-coilXES ARCELOR04 V
vaX370104 1.2060.000.646 cold rolled slit-coilXE ARCELOR03 V
vaX370109 1.3590.001.742 hot-dip galvanized slit-coil40G HSLA360 10/10 microns V
vaX370134 2.0070.000.620 pickled slit-coilHES/3C DD14 V
vaX370140 2.00265.003.430 pickled slit-coilSP231-440 FB450 V
vaX370145 2.3050.000.466 pickled slit-coilHE360D HSLA360 V
vaX370147 2.5050.000.535 pickled slit-coil3C DD14 V
vaX370148 2.50306.001.130 pickled slit-coilS420MC HSLA420 H
vaX370157 2.80380.003.775 hot-dip galvanized slit-coilA30G HSLA280HR 10/10 microns V
vaX370158 2.90521.004.700 pickled slit-coilSPH780 FC SPH780FC H
vaX370159 3.0070.001.160 pickled slit-coilS500MC HSLA500 V
vaX370160 3.0075.001.170 hot-dip galvanized slit-coil3CG ARCELOR13HR 10/10 microns V
vaX370161 3.00150.000.672 hot-dip galvanized slit-coilR4G FB450HR 10/10 microns V

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