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hot-dip galvanized sheet 2nd choice 16 mt
iaX79960, ...
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Description of goods Steel standards From: Belgium  
ThicknessWidthLengthWeight (mt)ProductProductQualityComments
iaX80741 0.501000.003000.000.632 hot-dip galvanized sheetDX51D Z 100 M-A-C
iaX82347 0.60550.001055.000.115 cold rolled sheetXSES V
iaX82348 0.60550.001055.000.115 cold rolled sheetXSES V
iaX82349 0.60550.001055.000.115 cold rolled sheetXSES V
iaX82350 0.60550.001055.000.115 cold rolled sheetXSES V
iaX82351 0.60550.001055.000.115 cold rolled sheetXSES V
iaX82352 0.60550.001055.000.110 cold rolled sheetXSES V
iaX82364 0.80510.001590.000.275 hot-dip galvanized sheetGXES 6/6 microns V
iaX82365 0.80510.001590.000.275 hot-dip galvanized sheetGXES 6/6 microns V
iaX82366 0.80510.001590.000.250 hot-dip galvanized sheetGXES 6/6 microns V
iaX82367 0.90455.001155.000.200 hot-dip galvanized sheetGXE320D 10/10 microns V
iaX82368 0.90455.001155.000.185 hot-dip galvanized sheetGXE320D 10/10 microns V
iaX82369 0.90455.001155.000.180 hot-dip galvanized sheetGXE320D 10/10 microns V
iaX82370 0.90336.001048.000.135 hot-dip galvanized sheetGXSES 10/10 microns V
iaX82371 0.90336.001048.000.135 hot-dip galvanized sheetGXSES 10/10 microns V
iaX82372 0.90336.001048.000.130 hot-dip galvanized sheetGXSES 10/10 microns V
iaX82373 0.90336.001048.000.130 hot-dip galvanized sheetGXSES 10/10 microns V
iaX82396 0.951090.00580.001.010 hot-dip galvanized sheet34G 10/10 microns V
iaX82397 0.951090.00580.001.010 hot-dip galvanized sheet34G 10/10 microns V
iaX82398 0.951090.00580.001.010 hot-dip galvanized sheet34G 10/10 microns V
iaX82399 0.951090.00580.001.008 hot-dip galvanized sheet34G 10/10 microns V
iaX82400 0.951090.00580.001.008 hot-dip galvanized sheet34G 10/10 microns V
iaX82401 0.951090.00580.001.008 hot-dip galvanized sheet34G 10/10 microns V
iaX81071 1.001200.001000.000.576 hot-dip galvanized sheetHX380LAD+Z 140G/m² V
iaX82374 1.20440.001530.000.630 hot-dip galvanized sheetHX380LAD+Z 140G/m² V
iaX82375 1.20440.001530.000.625 hot-dip galvanized sheetHX380LAD+Z 140G/m² V
iaX82376 1.20440.001530.000.170 hot-dip galvanized sheetHX380LAD+Z 140G/m² V
iaX82415 2.00565.00970.001.430 hot-dip galvanized sheetGHE450M 10/10 microns V
iaX79960 2.20422.001610.002.105 hot-dip galvanized blanksB6G 10/10 microns V
iaX79961 2.20422.001610.001.200 hot-dip galvanized blanksB6G 10/10 microns V

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