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Product Choice Quantity
hot-dip galvanized sheet 2nd choice 22 mt
iaX83353, ...
iaX83353, ...
iaX83360, ...
iaX83367, ...
iaX83355, ...
iaX83355, ...
iaX83370, ...
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Description of goods Steel standards From: Belgium  
ThicknessWidthLengthWeight (mt)ProductProductQualityComments
iaX83352 0.701547.003275.000.830 hot-dip galvanized sheetSP783 45/45 microns V
iaX83353 0.80370.00765.000.975 hot-dip galvanized blanksHC260LAD+Z 100G/m² V
iaX83354 0.80370.00765.000.975 hot-dip galvanized blanksHC260LAD+Z 100G/m² V
iaX83355 0.80370.00765.000.975 hot-dip galvanized blanksHC260LAD+Z 100G/m² V
iaX83356 0.80370.00765.000.975 hot-dip galvanized blanksHC260LAD+Z 100G/m² V
iaX83357 0.80370.00765.000.975 hot-dip galvanized blanksHC260LAD+Z 100G/m² V
iaX83358 0.80370.00765.000.975 hot-dip galvanized blanksHC260LAD+Z 100G/m² V
iaX83359 0.80370.00765.000.975 hot-dip galvanized blanksHC260LAD+Z 100G/m² V
iaX83360 0.80370.00765.000.975 hot-dip galvanized blanksHC260LAD+Z 100G/m² V
iaX83364 1.00238.00390.000.215 hot-dip galvanized blanksGXES 10/10 microns V
iaX83366 1.05590.00650.000.975 hot-dip galvanized blanksXSG 10/10 microns V
iaX83367 1.05590.00650.000.810 hot-dip galvanized blanksXSG 10/10 microns V
iaX83368 1.17230.001640.001.640 hot-dip galvanized blanksGXES 10/10 microns V
iaX83370 1.401347.001500.002.660 hot-dip galvanized sheetDP600+Z 100G/m² V
iaX83373 1.601146.00200.001.945 hot-dip galvanized blanksHC660XD+Z 100G/m² V
iaX83374 1.601146.00200.001.945 hot-dip galvanized blanksHC660XD+Z 100G/m² V
iaX83375 1.601146.00200.001.930 hot-dip galvanized blanksHC660XD+Z 100G/m² V
iaX83380 3.501200.002000.000.975 pickled sheetCP800HR_SF_RD V

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