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tinplate coil 2nd-3rd 68 mt
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Description of goods Steel standards From: Belgium  
ThicknessWidthLengthWeight (mt)ProductProductQualityComments
vaX393132 0.15937.006.368 tinplate coilTH415/E 2.0 unpacked and badly coiled
vaX393142 0.22840.006.298 tinplate coilTH620/E 2.8 coil eye to the sky on metal skid and wrapped in polythene foil.
vaX393128 0.25803.501.968 tinplate coilTH415/E 2.8 unpacked
vaX393129 0.25803.704.098 tinplate coilTH415/E 2.8 fully paper wrapped
vaX393130 0.25803.703.548 tinplate coilTH415/E 2.8 unpack
vaX393131 0.25821.702.518 tinplate coilTH415/E 2.8 unpacked
vaX393133 0.25804.008.690 tinplate coilTH415/E 2.0 unpacked and badly coiled
vaX393135 0.25851.705.668 tinplate coilTH620/E 2.8 fully paper wrapped
vaX393136 0.25803.702.208 tinplate coilTH415/E 2.8 unpacked
vaX393137 0.25803.703.148 tinplate coilTH415/E 2.8 TH415/E 2.8
vaX393138 0.25803.702.638 tinplate coilTH415/E 2.8 unpacked
vaX393139 0.25803.704.528 tinplate coilTH415/E 2.8 unpacked
vaX393140 0.25803.704.718 tinplate coilTH415/E 2.8 unpackedand 2 cm outer windings telescoped 30 cm and dented at edges
vaX393141 0.25803.703.508 tinplate coilTH415/E 2.8 Unpacked
vaX393134 0.27959.008.388 tinplate coilTH620/E 2.8 fully paper wrapped

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