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MP METAL SAS offer material below. The material is available subject unsold and subject final confirmation.
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cold rolled (full hard) coil 2nd choice 30 mt
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Description of goods Steel standards From: Belgium  
ThicknessWidthLengthWeight (mt)ProductProductQualityComments
vaM419576 0.441100.009.200 cold rolled (full hard) coilLAF_1100x044_HAIR-C350
vaM419578 0.441250.000.950 cold rolled (full hard) coilLAF_1250x044_HAIR-C350
vaM419573 0.461100.004.000 cold rolled (full hard) coilLAF_1100x046_S320GDPLAN
vaM419574 0.461100.001.500 cold rolled (full hard) coilLAF_1100x046_S320GDPLAN
vaM419575 0.461250.000.800 cold rolled (full hard) coilLAF_1250x046_S320GDPLAN
vaM419577 0.461100.000.893 cold rolled (full hard) coilLAF_1100x046_S320GDPLAN
vaM419579 0.571185.000.970 cold rolled (full hard) coilLAF_1185x057_HAIR-C350
vaM419570 0.651185.000.820 cold rolled (full hard) coilLAF_1185x065_HAIR-C350
vaM419565 0.70900.002.700 cold rolled (full hard) coilLAF_0900x070_HAIR-C350
vaM419567 0.711500.001.500 cold rolled (full hard) coilLAF_1500x071_HAIR-C350
vaM419572 0.711500.000.959 cold rolled (full hard) coilLAF_1500x071_HAIR-C350
vaM419566 0.721500.000.856 cold rolled (full hard) coilLAF_1500x072_HAIR-C350
vaM419568 0.971500.001.477 cold rolled (full hard) coilLAF_1500x097_HAIR-C350
vaM419569 1.461500.001.409 cold rolled (full hard) coilLAF_1500x146_HAIR-C350
vaM419571 1.461500.001.972 cold rolled (full hard) coilLAF_1500x146_HAIR-C350

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