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pickled coil 2nd choice 48 mt
GRADE S320G and S350 GD
Description of goods Steel standards From: Belgium  
ThicknessWidthLengthWeight (mt)ProductProductQualityCommentsPhotos
iaM87118 1.801100.001.060 pickled coil
iaM87130 1.801100.001.000 pickled coil
iaM87131 1.801100.001.500 pickled coil
iaM87133 1.801100.001.450 pickled coil
iaM87134 1.801100.001.100 pickled coil
iaM87153 1.801100.001.270 pickled coil
iaM87164 1.801065.001.330 pickled coil
iaM87172 1.801100.001.740 pickled coil
iaM87183 1.801250.001.030 pickled coil
iaM87196 1.801100.001.690 pickled coil
iaM87208 1.801100.001.000 pickled coil
iaM87225 1.801185.001.500 pickled coil
iaM87237 1.801065.001.330 pickled coil
iaM87117 2.001500.001.260 pickled coil
iaM87121 2.001500.001.340 pickled coil
iaM87156 2.001500.000.810 pickled coil
iaM87158 2.001500.001.330 pickled coil
iaM87160 2.001500.001.350 pickled coil
iaM87165 2.00953.000.870 pickled coil
iaM87174 2.001500.000.850 pickled coil
iaM87197 2.001300.001.180 pickled coil
iaM87199 2.001500.000.990 pickled coil
iaM87200 2.001500.001.430 pickled coil
iaM87201 2.001500.001.330 pickled coil
iaM87202 2.001500.001.730 pickled coil
iaM87203 2.001500.001.360 pickled coil
iaM87204 2.001500.001.000 pickled coil
iaM87206 2.001500.001.230 pickled coil
iaM87211 2.001500.001.000 pickled coil
iaM87212 2.001500.001.000 pickled coil
iaM87213 2.00900.001.000 pickled coil
iaM87215 2.001500.001.000 pickled coil
iaM87216 2.001500.001.000 pickled coil
iaM87227 2.001300.001.000 pickled coil
iaM87233 2.001500.001.550 pickled coil
iaM87235 2.001300.001.420 pickled coil
iaM87168 2.501500.001.360 pickled coil
iaM87220 2.501250.001.200 pickled coil
iaM87221 2.501250.001.000 pickled coil
iaM87236 2.501500.001.370 pickled coil

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