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hot-dip galvanized coil overrolling 195 mt
Description of goods Steel standards From: France  
ThicknessWidthLengthWeight (mt)ProductProductQualityCommentsPhotos
vaM691492 0.611528.0018.249 hot-dip galvanized coilRA-TOLE XSES G 10/10
vaM691494 0.631624.0020.750 hot-dip galvanized coilAR-TOLE DX54D MBOZ14
vaM691484 0.65630.007.942 hot-dip galvanized coilWN-TOLE XES G 10/10
vaM691493 0.701235.0020.155 hot-dip galvanized coilR1-TOLE XES G 6/6
vaM691487 0.851520.0023.210 hot-dip galvanized coilDC-TOLE XES G 6/6
vaM691488 0.851520.0020.410 hot-dip galvanized coilDC-TOLE XES G 6/6
vaM691489 0.951620.0021.449 hot-dip galvanized coilDT-TOLE XES G 10/10
vaM691490 0.951620.0021.209 hot-dip galvanized coilDT-TOLE XES G 10/10
vaM691483 1.101663.0016.229 hot-dip galvanized coilBR-TOLE XE G6/6 0.65
vaM691485 1.20900.0015.931 hot-dip galvanized coilR3-TOLE XE280D G 6/6
vaM691491 1.20430.009.130 hot-dip galvanized coilK5-TOLE XES G 10/10

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