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hot-dip galvanized coil overrolling 650 mt
Description of goods Steel standards From: Belgium  
ThicknessWidthLengthWeight (mt)ProductProductQualityCommentsPhotos
vaM726002 0.701589.0011.691 hot-dip galvanized coilPG-TOLE ZES G 10/10 610
vaM726003 0.701589.0014.391 hot-dip galvanized coilPG-TOLE ZES G 10/10 610
vaM726004 0.701590.0012.591 hot-dip galvanized coilRW-TOLE ZES G10/10 610
vaM726005 1.20882.0013.063 hot-dip galvanized coilJ7-TOLE XES G10/10 610
vaM726000 1.501163.005.280 hot-dip galvanized coilTD-TOLE XE360D G10/10 610
vaM726001 1.501163.005.190 hot-dip galvanized coilTD-TOLE XE360D G10/10 610

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